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django-feedback is an app for easily collecting feedback from your users.
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Django Feedback is a simple Django application that makes it trivialto start accepting user feedback from authenticated users within your Django project.


Put feedback in your INSTALLED_APPS, and set FEEDBACK_CHOICES to a 2-tuple of feedback types in your settings file. For example:

        ('bug', 'Bug'),
        ('feature_request', 'Feature Request')

Also, be sure to include feedback.urls somewhere in your file.

Add feedback.context_processors.feedback_form to TEMPLATE_CONTEXT_PROCESSORS, and feedback_form will be in the context for all authenticated users.

To support anonymous feedback, set ALLOW_ANONYMOUS_FEEDBACK to true in your settings file.


Overview in your admin index. Allows you to see all feedback current in the system.

Viewing a piece of feedback from a user.

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