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A cookiecutter that generates boilerplate code for a Girder plugin.
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Cookiecutter Girder Plugin

This is a Cookiecutter template that generates Girder plugin boilerplate.

Quick Start

Install the Cookiecutter package:

pip install cookiecutter

Generate your project:

cookiecutter gh:girder/cookiecutter-girder-plugin

Template options

  • full_name

    The name to use in the author fields of the python and javascript packages.

  • email

    An email address for the python and javascript package metadata.

  • plugin_name

    A name or brief description of the plugin. This is the name that will be displayed to users on Girder's plugin page.

  • package_name

    The python package and directory name containing your plugin. This is the directory that will be created by this template. By python convention, this name should be in kebab-case. Many Girder plugins use the prefix girder- to indicate they are Girder plugins. In addition, if you intend to distribute this package, you should ensure the name is available on PyPI.

  • package_slug

    The python module name containing your plugin. By python convention, this should be the same as the package_name but in snake_case. This must be a valid python variable name containing only letters, numbers, and underscores.

  • entrypoint_name

    This is the name used internally by Girder to reference your plugin. By Girder's convention, this should the same as package_slug without the girder_ prefix. For example, the plugin girder-jobs uses the entrypoint name jobs.

  • short_description

    A short description of your plugin. This text will be added to the python package metadata and displayed to users on Girder's plugin page.

  • version

    The initial version number for your plugin's python and javascript packages.

  • homepage

    A URL that will be added to the package metadata. This is often the git repository or a link to documentation.

  • include_web_client_plugin

    Include boilerplate for extending Girder's web client.

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