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#Author Xingen Wang (
        Meng Li (

Release 2.6.3:
Perhaps solve the hang issue.

Release 2.6.1:
Add failback support.
We also re-implement the connection pool based on Apache commons pool in this release.
Fix issue 18.

We will add SASL support in next version.

Release 2.6.0:
add slf4j logger support.
because compress is so slow, we remove this feature in this release.
we also remove error handler feature and classloader feature in this release.
fix issue 19.

We will add SASL support in next version.
Perhaps, we will get rid of the direct buffer, since it cause OutOfMemoryError.

Release 2.5.x:
This is a performance branch for the whalin memcached java client, 
which was first maintained by Greg Whalin and perhaps the most 
popular memcached java client in past years. While in recent years,
some new memcached clients were found in the open source world, and 
most of them has better performance compared to the old version.

Considering the wide use of this old client, we intend to make it run
faster and try to make the new one 100% compatible with the old version.

this 2.5.x version is supported by Schooner Information Technology, which 
provides professional storage service over all all the world.

Whalin client 2.5.x is proven to be 270% faster compared to the old version(2.0.1), 
and we also did some comparison with other clients, please find the result 
from following link:

Just use as the previous version(2.0.1), if you've already used it, just replace 
the old version with the newer version(2.5.x). We believe it will give you surprise.

Greg Whalin
Xingen Wang
Meng Li