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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
header = [0xef,0x01]
address = [0xff,0xff,0xff,0xff]
packet = {
"COMMAND" : 1,
"DATA" : 2,
"ACK" : 7,
"EOP" : 8
instruction = {
"GenImg" : 0x01,
"Img2Tz" : 0x02,
"Match" : 0x03,
"Search" : 0x04,
"RegModel" : 0x05,
"Store" : 0x06,
"LoadChar" : 0x07,
"UpChar" : 0x08,
"DownChar" : 0x09,
"UpImage" : 0x0A,
"DownImage" : 0x0B,
"DeletChar" : 0x0C,
"Empty" : 0x0D,
"SetSysPara" : 0x0E,
"ReadSysPara" : 0x0F,
"SetPwd" : 0x12,
"VfyPwd" : 0x13,
"GetRandomCode" : 0x14,
"SetAdder" : 0x15,
"Control" : 0x17,
"WriteNotePad" : 0x18,
"ReadNotePad" : 0x19,
"TemplateNum" : 0x1d,
command_ack = {
0x00: 'commad execution complete',
0x01: 'error when receiving data package',
0x02: 'no finger on the sensor',
0x03: 'fail to enroll the finger',
0x06: 'fail to generate character file due to the over-disorderly fingerprint image',
0x07: 'fail to generate character file due to lackness of character point or over-smallness of fingerprint image',
0x08: "finger doesnt match",
0x09: 'fail to find the matching finger',
0x0A: 'fail to combine the character files',
0x0B: 'addressing PageID is beyond the finger library',
0x0C: 'error when reading template from library or the template is invalid',
0x0D: 'error when uploading template',
0x0E: "Module can't receive the following data packages",
0x0F: 'error when uploading image',
0x10: 'fail to delete the template',
0x11: 'fail to clear finger library',
0x13: 'wrong password!',
0x15: 'fail to generate the image for the lackness of valid primary image',
0x18: 'error when writing flash',
0x19: 'No definition error',
0x1A: 'invalid register number',
0x1B: 'incorrect configuration of register',
0x1C: 'wrong notepad page number',
0x1D: 'fail to operate the communication port',
InsPacketLen = {
"GenImg" : [0x00, 0x03],
"Img2Tz" : [0x00, 0x04],
"Match" : [0x00, 0x03],
"Search" : [0x00, 0x08],
"RegModel" : [0x00, 0x03],
"Store" : [0x00, 0x06],
"LoadChar" : [0x00, 0x06],
"UpChar" : [0x00, 0x04],
"DownChar" : [0x00, 0x04],
"UpImage" : [0x00, 0x03],
"DownImage" : [0x00, 0x03],
"DeletChar" : [0x00, 0x07],
"Empty" : [0x00, 0x03],
"SetSysPara" : [0x00, 0x05],
"ReadSysPara" : [0x00, 0x03],
"SetPwd" : [0x00, 0x07],
"VfyPwd" : [0x00, 0x07],
"GetRandomCode" : [0x00, 0x03],
"SetAdder" : [0x00, 0x07],
"Control" : [0x00, 0x04],
"WriteNotePad" : [0x00, 0x36],
"ReadNotePad" : [0x00, 0x04],
"TemplateNum" : [0x00, 0x03],
Checksum = {
"GenImg" : [0x00, 0x05],
"Match" : [0x00, 0x07],
"RegModel" : [0x00, 0x09],
"UpImage" : [0x00, 0x0E],
"DownImage" : [0x00, 0x0F],
"Empty" : [0x00, 0x11],
"GetRandomCode" : [0x00, 0x18],
"TemplateNum" : [0x00, 0x21],
def generateHeader():
return header+address