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HTML5 Device Orientation API Demo
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Magic 8 Ball - HTML5 Device Orientation API Demo

This is a visual demonstration of how the HTML5 device oprentation works. See the W3C specification at:

Best to try on the mobile browsers that support device orientation and 3D transform. e.g. iOS Safari, Android browser 3+, Chrome for Android, Firefox Mobile. The demo works on Opera Mobile, however, the triabgle does not animate in 3D.

Live Demo URL

Short URL for mobile or use the QR below

QR for the URL

QR Code for

Known Bugs

  • The "answer" (the text in the triangle) is super janky on Firefox Mobile. Firefox doesn't seem to update the text quickly as the trianle shapes transforms.
  • This demo eats up the battery like crazy. (I have a battery status API demo on but I didn't bother adding more stuff on this demo.
  • I think the Android browser (not Chrome) is too sensitive, so even I set a device on a desk, beta and gamma keep changing the values.
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