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GirlScript Foundation

Promoting diversity and inclusion in tech by supporting women and bringing opportunities to one platform

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Our day just got better. Thank you for visiting GirlScript repository, it’s our pleasure to have you here. :)

If you are a someone who love to help people, who is techie, full of ideas and resources to share your knowledge with others, then you are at right place! We are looking for people like you, who love to learn and teach as well. Read below for more :D


GirlScript is a project being developed under the Mozilla Open Leadership Program, is a registered Non-Profit Organisation in India to support beginners in technology and ensure equality in tech.

The project is designed to help and guide people who want to improve their technical skills. As the name indicates, it helps women to learn and improve their technical skiltells them about different opportunities available for them in the world outside. Through this project, we want to develop an online platform for GirlScript, our offline trainings have already begun in 3 cities of India.

Why does this project exist?

  • Lack of diversity in field of tech
  • Lack of skills in people specially women
  • Lack of awareness about different opportunities available
  • To reduce noise presence on the internet and help those who really want to learn and get inspired by others

What we plan to do about it?

  • To conduct offline workshops by establishing GirlScript chapters in different cities of India
  • To create an online platform for helping international students providing different courses and a chatroom
  • Send newsletter to all the subscribed users to make them aware about different opportunities
  • Create a technical blog section and get inspired section for interviews

What we have done so far?

  • Established chapters in 5 cities of 4 different states.
  • Conducted more than 48 events (workshops) to teach programming.
  • Ensured 65% women participation in all our events.
  • Conducted first ever women oriented technical fest of India called 'GIRLSCRIPT INDIA SUMMIT 2017' [Visit Website] (

How are we doing it?

Our current website is based on WordPress see here but as we are growing faster, we are in need of the following:

  • A new website for our foundation with new design, donation links, our upcoming event pages and description of our work.
  • Online profile for all the contributors highighting their work and progess, can be used in their resumes.
  • A 'Get Inspired' blog wesite for publishing the interviews and stories of renonwed personalities and women in technology.
  • An Android App for video tutorias, materials and notification related to cpf of events, scolarships etc.
  • Small coding games for beginners.


We need help to see our vision turn into reality. Any help, big or small, with the code, idea, suggestion, feedback, typo, anything at all that you think would be of help, is most welcome and much appreciated. If you’re interested in the project, feel free to open an issue, create a PR, or just come say hi and tell us more about yourself.

  1. Fork it (
  2. Clone it ( git clone )
  3. Create your feature branch ( git checkout -b feature/fooBar )
  4. Commit your changes ( git commit -am 'Add some fooBar' )
  5. Push to the branch ( git push origin feature/fooBar )
  6. Create a new Pull Request

Participation Guidelines

We are following Google Summer of Code Participation Guidelines, please have a look at it here.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - you can see LICENSE file for details.

Contact Us

If you have anything to share, anything at all, feel free to drop by the GirlScript room on Gitter and say hi. We would love to hear from you. You can also contact Rohit by email (rohit [at] girlscript [dot] tech) or Anubha by email (anubha [at] girlscript [dot] tech) or on Twitter.

Thank you for your interest. Have a nice day! :D