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Miscellaneous GMOD scripts
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Collected scripts for GMOD tasks.


Extended from a geocoding script by Abhinay Rathore, Takes a range of different inputs (IP addresses, hostnames, lat/long coordinates) and plots them on a map.

See it in action: (data comes from


Scrapes the GMOD Users page on the wiki to create an array of users containing URL, site name, and info. Queries a geo-ip server to get the location of the website, and saves all this info as json for use by ipmapper.js.

gets the download stats of the gmod tools listed in @tool_list from SourceForge creates a tab delimited table and a wiki formatted table at present only gets stats for tools in the gmod sf project

gets the usage stats for various GMOD mailing lists: some on SF, some mailman. creates a tab delim'd table and a wiki formatted table

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