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Legacy bootstrapped extensions for Firefox 65 and beyond --
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=== LegacyFox ===

Monkeypatching Firefox Quantum to run VimFx

== Installation ==
0. Install/upgrade Firefox from your distribution's repositories
1. As root, issue `make install` (or manually untar into /usr/lib{,64}/firefox)
2. Install VimFx from

== Notes ==
 * BootstrapLoader.jsm, RDFDataSource.jsm, RDFManifestConverter.jsm from their
   last commit in comm-central (8a37a90aab4ec643fce1e1ab33984613ce0b492d)
 * config.js: own work (compare mozilla-central 061b97e02ede)
 * Inspired by
 * Uses unsandboxed AutoConfig -- watch

== Disclaimer & License ==
This project is neither endorsed nor recommended by Mozilla. Firefox is their 
trademark; you are not granted any right to distribute modified binary versions 
of the software containing the official branding.

(C) 2018-2019 Mozilla, MPL v2
(C) 2019 //, MPL v2
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