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DerStandard Terminal Liveticker


./ticker <> [backlog-#] | ./format [img=1] [noembed=1] [wdiff=1]

Supply a url (or just the 2000xxxxxxxxx ID) to ticker. By default, the whole available backlog will be immediately downloaded; you can limit backlog to any number of items by supplying an integer as the second argument (caveat: the API will still return all items marked as important (yellow bar in the website) on top of the number of requested items). Supply a truthy value for img to format to display images in-line using Unicode half-blocks, or supply a truthy value to noembed to disable inline-tweets and selected user comments. The default is to show textual content inline, and embedded media as a URL. To enable word wise diffing of updates, supply wdiff with a truthy value.

Example: ./ticker 2000103942403 0 | ./format

Please be aware that this project is not endorsed by or affiliated with and may or may not be in compliance with their terms of service--use at your own risk.


  • curl
  • awk
  • fold (GNU coreutils)
  • jq
  • websocat
  • viu if you want inline-images
  • wdiff if you want diffed updates to posts

The $PATH has been adjusted within the scripts to also look in the current directory for these uncommon binaries.


Copyright (c) 2019 Tobias Girstmair ( You can study, share and improve this software under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3 (see: LICENSE).

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