solitaire (klondike & spider) in your terminal
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girst implement join() for freecell
also fix the outstanding todo in klondike.join()
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Play klondike and spider solitaire in your unicode terminal.

Supports vi style keybindings (hjkl), cursor keys and the mouse. Press J to 'join' a well-suited pile to the cursor. Space locks in a selection, and Return pulls cards from the stack in spider solitaire. Piles can also be directly addressed by the number below them (or 8, 9, 0 for stack, waste and foundation in klondike).
See $PROGNAME -h for details.


For details and screenshots see the project homepage at

Makefile Options

By default the character set uses an X to for the 10 card. Compile with make DECIMAL_TEN=1 to display the letters 10 instead.


You can use, study, share and improve this software under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3. Copyright 2019 Tobias Girstmair. For licensing details, see LICENSE.



  • TODO FREECELL: autodetect possible moves (card selector choice dialog)


  • TODO: klondike/freecell: auto-move to foundation (optional)
  • TODO: suggest moves (h => hint)
  • TODO: cleanup: in x2y() functions there is a lot of replication and noise when calculating legal moves, top cards, etc.


  • TODO: visbell changes: instead of screen, flash active {cursor,card} {red,twice}?
  • TODO: differential drawing mode (at least for highlighting cards)
  • TODO: . command (repeat last action)


  • TODO: ellipsis overlap: if more than three cards in a row overlap, replace middle ones with an ellipsis
  • TODO: mouse mode improvements: - spider/freecell: detect how many cards to move to empty pile (must find exact position despite extreme_overlap)
  • TODO: scores, variants: draw 3, max. n overturns
  • TODO: vt220 mode (problems: charset, slow baudrate and no differential drawing mode)
  • TODO: ed(1) mode (solEDaire): playable on a line printer; ascii/ibm only?


  • DONE: use #ifdefs to differentiate games (sol, spider, ed-sol, ed-spider)
  • DONE: keyboard alias: twice same key == waste/pile -> foundation
  • DONE: spider keyboard: <from><to> stacks; 1-9,0=tableu, return=draw
  • DONE: spider: easy/medium difficulty: only deal 1/2 suits instead of 4 -> deal()
  • DONE: patience: allow taking from 0(foundation)
  • DONE: highlight from pile, so users can see at what input stage they are
  • DONE: make piles 0-indexed in klondike as well
  • DONE: duplicate card ♠A found in tableu: added check at start to monitor this Cannot reproduce, removed check
  • DONE: bugs in spider's t2t() * once segfaulted on large column * sometimes doesn't work (ERR when it should be OK) Cannot reproduce
  • DONE: some input functions are in x2y() -- move them to get_cmd() (req. for mouse, hjkl modes)
  • DONE: sigint, sigcont handler! atexit() to avoid inconsistent term state
  • DONE: hjkl keyboard mode
  • DONE: more vim mode keys (first/last tableu)
  • DONE: online (key-)help ?, -h, -v (NOTE: implemented -h, rest deemed not usedul)
  • DONE: extreme overlapping: if we are printing a sequence or multiple face down cards, only print .overlap lines of the ends, and 1 line for the middle cards
  • DONE: in direct addressing 'up to' dialog: make return/space select the lowest/highest option
  • DONE: undo:
    • insert append_undo() in x2y() functions
    • to encode stack position we need to overload f.u.n as index. (similar for foundation: overload f.u.n as foundation id)
    • w2f(): have to encode both stock index and foundation id don't want to add a struct field for this one case; for the time being (i.e. forever) I'm ORing waste index and (foundation id<<16). ugly but works :/
    • turning over cards: this needs to be encoded, because the card might be consecutive and there's no way to tell what its previous state was.
      • indicate that a card was turned (can be at most 1) by negating u.n pros: no wasted space (it's just a boolean value), negation pattern already used for closed cards cons: dirty C hack, less obvious than in other places, no need to conserve memory this tightly
  • DONE: screen size > stack height => rendering issues! as good as it's going to get, since we can't just not draw cards at all
  • DONE: 'join to here' command (should take longest chain available)
  • DONE: expose deal() seed for restarting the game
  • DONE: make portable (clang on FreeBSD) makefile's $< refuses to work if prequisite name != target name Fix: ln -s sol.c. spider.c sed -i 's/^spider: sol.c/spider: spider.c/' Makefile
  • DONE: escape sequences (for real cursor keys)
  • DONE: inverted moves (if A->B doesn't work, try B->A)
  • DONE: - allow dragging the mouse
  • DONE: use 10 instead of X on card face (/u/Valley6660)
  • DONE: :help to show keyhelp (/u/Valley6660)
  • DONE: don't show cursor-highlight when inputting directly or with the mouse (/u/TooEarlyForMe)
  • DONE: remove sysmlink trickery and just call sol.c explicitly
  • DONE FREECELL: t2t() multi card move and accompanying pop_undo()
  • DONE: - mouse (term2pile() cell encoding, set_mouse(), wait_mouse_up())
  • DONE FREECELL: don't allow selecting more cards than movable (DO_HI, TOP_HI, cursor_{up,down})
  • DONE: differentiate foundation placeholder from cells ph. (freecell)
  • DONE FREECELL: join()


  • terminology:
    {stock}[waste]    [4*foundation]

    []   {}   {}   {}   {}   {}   {}
         []  (tableu piles)  {}   {}
              []   {}   {}   {}   {}
                   []   {}   {}   {}
                        []   {}   {}
                             []   {}