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+README file for kalah
+Geoffrey Irving
+I wrote this very quickly, so it won't be very complete.
+Compilation instructions:
+ This code contains parallel versions of kalah for both
+cilk and PVM. The cilk version has been tested only on
+2 processor machines and isn't fast, but seems to work,
+while the PVM code is totally untested. Both sets of
+parallel code are controlled with macros, namely PVM
+and NOCILK. It should be easy to delete the PVM code
+so that you don't have to work around it, and the cilk
+code doesn't get in the way significantly.
+ A normal make will try to build both cilk and serial
+versions, and will therefore fail if you don't have cilk
+installed. "make serial" should build only the serial
+version, and should work without cilk. This will build
+the programs kalah-s (-s means serial), generator, and
+Explanation of generator:
+ Normally, you want to give kalah an endgame database to
+work with for speed. I don't remember if this is optional
+or not. To build an endgame database, run generator. It
+takes one optional argument: the name of the database file,
+which defaults to endgame.dat. It will first ask for the
+number of bits to use for each entry, which can be 4 or 5.
+Usually you want 4, unless you're building a really huge
+database. Now I will explain the commands:
+ h - help
+ i - database info
+ t n - size table to n stones
+ r - lookup a position's rate
+ c n - complete table to n stones
+ s - save database
+ q - exit
+The database will be immediately created with no information
+in it. Commands 'h', 'i', 's', and 'q' are self-explanatory,
+except that 'q' automatically runs 's'.
+'t' generates a table of the space taken up by databases of
+certain size. Since the database is loaded entirely into
+memory, this is really important. The first two columns are
+for 4 bits, and the second two are for 5. An entry "n) x,y" means
+x bytes to store only the n stone part, and y bytes for n and
+fewer. Normally only y is important. "c n" will then generate
+the database in memory, but will not save it until 's' is run.
+Explanation of kalah:
+ Here is what kalah-s with no arguments prints, since it doesn't
+bother to realize it's serial when calling usage().
+Usage: kalah [OPTIONS] s n
+ kalah [OPTIONS] p p0 ... p13
+Starting commands:
+ s n start with n stones in each pit
+ p ... start with explicit position
+ -d n search depth (default 200)
+ -r n guess for minimax value
+ -j skip iterative deepening
+ -l single test call at full depth
+ -g play a complete game
+ -v verbose output
+ -V extremely verbose output
+ -t n transposition table size (required)
+ -e n endgame database size (required)
+ -T f tranposition table file (defaults to none)
+ -E f endgame database file (defaults to endgame.dat)
+ kalah -vt 20 -e 18 s 3
+As shown, kalah takes options and then start position information,
+which is given either explicitly or via "s n" for a normal initial
+configuration. Then it computes minimax values and optimal moves
+as specified by the options. Here is a partial explanation of options:
+"-d n" and "-j" should be self explanatory. "-r n" changes the default
+first guess "f" in MTD(f) (the default is the rating of the start position).
+-l short circuits MTD(f) after one computation, and thus computes only a lower
+or upper bound. "-g" switches between both players computing moves until the
+game completes. "-v" gives status information as the algorithm proceeds, which
+is almost essential for long searches. "-V" provides more. "-t n" and "-e n"
+provide the transposition table size in bits, and the endgame database size in
+stones. The actual size of the transposition table will be 12*2^n bytes, and
+the endgame database size can be found by running generator. "-E f" is clear.
+If "-T f" is unspecified, the program never reads or writes the transposition
+table to disk. With "-T f", it does.

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