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We at GIS • OPS are passionate about spatial data and build custom solutions evolving around routing, web-maps & spatial databases.

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  1. 🌎 Access all public routing, isochrones and matrix APIs in a consistent manner.

    Python 21 2

  2. 🌏 Colorful app to compute dbscan clusters with TurfJS powered by the almighty HERE Maps Places API.

    JavaScript 2

  3. 🌍 Colorful app to compute isochrones powered by the HERE Maps Isochrones API.

    JavaScript 7

  4. 📘 🌍 An interesting collection of GIS related tutorials

    Python 11 7

  5. WordPress plugin to add markdown content from Github to a WP blog; based on

    CSS 11 3

  6. 🔗 Our provided docker files

    Shell 4 1

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