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GIS • OPS docker repository

This tutorial holds the GIS • OPS docker files. For detailed descriptions on how to build and run the docker files read below.

Technical details

The docker setups in this repository can be build using the latest Docker and Docker-Compose.


The Valhalla docker files are building the latest version of Valhalla. For a detailed tutorial on how to run and use the Valhalla docker see our tutorial How to setup and run Valhalla with Docker on Ubuntu 18.04.


The docker file uses Ubuntu 18.04 as a base system and builds the prime_server dependency during the setup. The standard OSM extract is the latest of Albania.


  • You can run this docker-compose setup simply by running the command docker-compose up --build -d in the folder where the docker-compose.yml is located.
  • Once build, the server will run on port 8002 with the latest OSM extract of Albania (a small OSM extract that you can quickly setup without any increased hardware).
  • To change the OSM extract that Valhalla is using, open the docker-compose.yml file and point the tile_url to your desired OSM extract. Geofabrik is a good choice to download the extracts. Just make sure you copy the link for the *.osm.pbf file.


  • DATA_TOOLS Enabled
  • NODE_BINDINGS Enabled (Node is installed during the setup)
  • SERVICES Enabled
  • HTTP Enabled If you want to have a different set of Valhalla features, just open the and change the cmake -H. -Bbuild \ command according to your needs.
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