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Gisgraphy-JS-API / Leaflet plugins

The Gisgraphy JS API is a javascript library that allow you to build search box (aka : input text) for geocoding and reverse geocoding with autocompletion / autosuggestions

Table of Contents


Try this demo

Leaflet Plugins

Demo with the two plugins on a map.

Geocoding : It allows to add a geocoding to add a geocoding input with autocompletion on a leaflet map. It wraps the Gisgraphy js API.

Learn More | View demo | Documentation

Reverse geocoding : It reverse geocode when you rightclick on the map. it is a sample and you can personalize it.

Learn More | View demo | Documentation


  • UI is modeled after's search box
  • Displays suggestions to end-users as they type
  • Internationalized
  • Autocompletion / autosuggestions
  • Customizable
  • GPS / DMS (Degree minute second detection)
  • Magic sentence (restaurant near...)
  • Results are location aware (nearest are promotes)
  • use HTML geolocalisation
  • placeholder
  • Works well with RTL languages and input method editors
  • Highlights query matches within the suggestion



who I am

My name is David Masclet, I have developed Gisgraphy since 2006, My goal is to provide a realistic alternative for geocoding and geolocalisation. Feel free to contact me at davidmasclet[at]