A webpack module to load XML files.
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Webpack XML loader

A Webpack plugin for loading XML files.


Install via npm:

npm install --save xml-loader


You can require XML data like this:

var data = require('xml!./data.xml');
// => returns data.xml content as json-parsed object

var data = require('xml?explicitChildren=true!./data.xml');
// => returns data.xml content as json-parsed object and put child elements to separate properties

The loader will translate the data.xml file into a JSON Object. node-xml2js processors are supported via query syntax.

Usage with webpack.config

To require XML files like this: require('data.xml') , you can add the xml-loader to your webpack config:

module : {
  loaders : [
    { test: /\.xml$/, loader: 'xml-loader' } // will load all .xml files with xml-loader by default