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Application is split into 3 services running in docker containers:

QGIS Server

  • Image: gisquick/qgis-server
  • Volumes:
    • /publish/ - for published Gisquick projects

Django Application (served with Gunicorn)

  • Image: gisquick/django
  • Volumes:
    • /var/www/data/ - for sqlite database
    • /var/www/media/ - for tilecache


$ docker build -f docker/django/Dockerfile -t gisquick/django:1.0.0 --build-arg version=1.0.0 .

Nginx Server

  • Image: gisquick/nginx
  • Volumes:
    • /etc/letsencrypt/ - it must contain ssl certificates before starting container (fullchain.pem and privkey.pem in live/ folder)
    • /var/www/certbot/ - when you intend to use Webroot mode to generate new or renew existing Certbot's ssl certificates

SSL certificates

Self-Signed certificate

$ openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 3650 -newkey rsa:2048 \
    -keyout privkey.pem \
    -out fullchain.pem \
    -subj "/C=CZ/ST=Prague/L=Prague/O=Gisquick/OU=IT Department/"

Certbot (LetsEncrypt) certificate

Create empty folders for data volumes mounted by containers

$ mkdir -p /var/www/certbot
$ mkdir -p /etc/letsencrypt

Create certificate without running containers - using Standalone mode

$ docker run --rm -it \
    -v "/etc/letsencrypt/:/etc/letsencrypt/" \
    -p 80:80 -p 443:443 \
    certbot/certbot certonly --standalone --agree-tos \
    --email \

Create certificate with running containers - using Webroot mode

$ docker run --rm -it \
    -v "/var/www/certbot/:/var/www/certbot/" \
    -v "/etc/letsencrypt/:/etc/letsencrypt/" \
    certbot/certbot certonly --agree-tos \
    -a webroot --webroot-path /var/www/certbot/ \
    --email \

Renew certificate

$ docker run --rm -it \
    -v "/var/www/certbot/:/var/www/certbot/" \
    -v "/etc/letsencrypt/:/etc/letsencrypt/" \
    certbot/certbot renew --quiet

Reload NGINX server

$ docker kill -s HUP `docker ps -qf "ancestor=gisquick/nginx"`

Create regular users

Start Django admin-shell

a) use running django container

$ docker exec -it `docker ps -qf "ancestor=gisquick/django"` django-admin shell

b) or start in a new container

$ docker run -it --rm -v "/var/www/data/:/var/www/gisquick/data/" gisquick/django django-admin shell

Then you can create users programmatically

from django.contrib.auth import get_user_model
get_user_model().objects.create_user('user', email='', password='user', first_name='User')