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README Guess what?
MANIFEST This file Digest::MD5 Perl Module
hints/ Workaround for DEC compiler bug
hints/ Workaround for IRIX compiler bug
hints/ Workaround for Mac compiler bug
MD5.xs MD5 Perl 'XS' source file
typemap Supplementary typemap
Makefile.PL Perl Makefile builder
rfc1321.txt The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm
t/align.t Try unaligned memory blocks
t/badfile.t Try addfile() on unopened file
t/bits.t Try add_bits method
t/clone.t Try clone() method.
t/files.t Check a few files.
t/md5-aaa.t Exercise padding code
t/threads.t Test if threads confuse things
t/utf8.t Try some Unicode strings
Changes Version history
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