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Fri Aug 11 1995 Gisle Aas <>
o Release 0.03
o Included from Martijn Koster
Thu Aug 10 1995 Gisle Aas <>
o New module URI::Escape (URI::URL use this module for default
escaping) that provide the uri_escape() and uri_unescape()
o Setting $url->scheme now changes the class of the object.
o Made $httpurl->user() and $httpurl->password() illegal.
Likewise for other URL schemes.
Wed Aug 9 1995 Gisle Aas <>
o Reorganisation as discussed on <>
LWP::Date --> HTTP::Date
LWP::MIMEheader --> HTTP::Headers
LWP::StatusCode --> HTTP::Status
LWP::Message --> HTTP::Message
LWP::Request --> HTTP::Request
LWP::Response --> HTTP::Response
LWP::MIMEtypes --> LWP::MediaTypes
o HTTP::Date parses ctime format with missing timezone as suggested
by Roy Fielding <>
o HTTP::Status and LWP::MediaTypes exports their functions by default.
o Splitted up the URI::URL module. Schemes are implemented by separate
files that are autoloaded when used. Self test moved to "t/uri.t".
Mon Aug 7 1995 Gisle Aas <>
o Applied patch from Marc Hedlund <>
- Update the @header_order according to the August 3rd draft.
- Added Response Header fields: 'Location', 'Public', 'Retry-After',
'Server', and 'WWW-Authenticate'.
- Moved 'unknown header' handling from &scan to &header. The old
implementation was forcing all unknown header-words to begin with
an uppercase (as it should be), but disallowed other uppercase
- updates the status code messages under the August
3rd HTTP/1.0 draft. '203' became 'Non-Authoritative Information',
'303' became 'See Other', and a new code,
'411 Authorization Refused', was added.
o Can remove multiple headers with single removeHeader() call in MIMEheader.
o Can assign multiple field/value pairs in header() method of MIMEheader.
o A field with multiple values is printed as separate values in
o LWP::Response contain new attributes: previous() and request(). These
attributes are updated by the UserAgent.
o Appended \n to some die statements in Socket so that line numbers are
suppressed in error messages.
o Made UserAgent::clone work for reference members
o Check for redirect loops and multiple authorization failures by
examination of the response chain.
o Use "\015\012" instead of "\r\n" in protocol modules. Some systems
define \r and \n differently.
o request program can now handle documents that needs autorization by
prompting the user for username/password. Added new -S option to print
request/response chain.
Tue Jul 25 1995 Gisle Aas <>
o Release 0.02
o Included URI::URL in the release
Mon Jul 24 1995 Gisle Aas <>
o Incorporated Makemake.PL and VERSION from Andreas Koenig <>
As a result of this the following things have changed:
- programs in "bin" are extracted from .PL-files
- reintroduced "lib"
- "test" has been renamed as "t"
- test programs in "t" has been made Test::Harness compatible
- we now have a MANIFEST file
- no more need fro update_version, make-dist, lwp-install
o Renamed bin/get to bin/request. Links to it are now all upper case.
o Proxy support in bin/request (provided by Martijn Koster)
o UserAgent can now load proxy settings from environment
o LWP::Protocol::ftp is under way but not really finished
Tue Jul 18 1995 Gisle Aas <>
o Implemented LWP::Protocol::gopher
o Implemented LWP::Protocol::mailto
o Fixed proxy typo
Mon Jul 17 1995 Gisle Aas <>
o Made release 0.01
Mon Jul 17 1995 Gisle Aas <>
o Don't loose first line of HTTP/0.9 requests
o LWP::Socket use syswrite() for writing
o Added RC_* documentation to LWP::StatusCode
o LWP::Date now use hash to look up month numbers
o Added -f option to "get"
o Untabify
o Added a "TODO" list
o Fixed various typos
Fri Jul 14 1995 Gisle Aas <>
o Reorganized directories. Moved up. Moved and
into the LWP::Protocol direcotory. Moved LWP out of the lib directory
and removed lib.
o Implemented the "get" and "mirror" scripts in the "bin" directory.
o Implemented "install-lwp", "update_version" and "make-dist". The library
version number is found in the VERSION file.
o Always adds 1900 to the year in LWP::Date
o In LWP::MIMEheader: Implemented clone(), removeHeader() and scan()
methods. Reimplemented asString. Removed asMIME(). Moved "Good
Practice" into this file, and reimplemented it.
o Moved "header" and "content" into LWP::Message class. This change made
LWP::Request and LWP::Response much simpler. Made clone() method
actually work.
o LWP::Protocol::implementor does not die if it cannot load package.
o Moved UserAgent convenience methods into LWP::Simple. Made LWP::Simple
export LWP::StatusCode symbols and functions.
o Implemented $ua->isProtocolSupported($scheme) method.
o Nicer directory listing in
o Rely on URI::URL 3.00 behaviour for $url->full_path
o Library version number now in You should be able to say
"use LWP 1.0;" if you need at least this version.
o Various cleanups and arranging layout as I like it. Use fooBar-style
(as opposed to foo_bar stype) everywhere. This means that as_string()
now is called asString().
o Added more documentation.
Wed Jun 14 1995 Gisle Aas <>
o Removed lot of rendundant & before function calls.
o $this --> $self
o &collector passes content as a reference, don't want to copy so much
o parameterlist to collect callback has been rearranged
o Response::addContent gets a reference to the data
o Added some callback documentation to
o Protocol::file now uses the collector
o Introduced LWP::Simple
Sun Jun 11 1995 Martijn Koster <>
o Added basic authentication support
o Added mirroring of single documents
o Change Protocol construction from whacky (constructor returns
subclass) to more normal C++'ish way.
Wed June 7 1995 Martijn Koster <>
o Minor cleanups from printed code inspection
Wed May 24 1995 Martijn Koster <>
o Added redirection resolution
o Added optional autoloading of protocols
Tue May 23 1995 Martijn Koster <>
o Separated socket stuff into separate module
o Added HTTP proxy support
o Made alarm handling optional
o Added a LWP::Message for completeness sake
o Added LWP::MemberMixin to reduce code duplication
o Cosmetic changes to LWP::Date
o Renamed LWP::Error to LWP::StatusCode
o Renamed LWP::MIME to LWP::MIMEtype
o Changed the tests to cope with all this
It's getting there...
Mon May 22 1995 Martijn Koster <>
o Changed the socket reading to use sysread. This will have to go
into a module of its own.
Thu 18 May 1995 Martijn Koster <>
o Mentioned on libwww-perl that I had changed the classes around lots.
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