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$Date: 1998/09/02 21:43:14 $
This is a list over things that we plan to implement in libwww-perl-5.
The order of items does not reflect priority.
o HTTP/1.1 support is on its way. This also includes support of
multiple parallel connections. Take a look at LWPng (aka
o Provide initial credentials so that we don't always have to get a
401 response first. Both for Basic and Digest authentication. This
is in fact implemented for LWPng.
o Support PICS??
o Cache previous ftp connections. "Keep-Alive"?
o Support MOVE, DELETE method for ftp.
o Use Mail::Send to implement LWP::Protocol::mailto. Today we just
invoke sendmail directly, which is not very portable.
o The lwp-request -o processing should check for Content-Encoding as
well as Content-Type.
o The lwp-request script should optionally consult Mail::Cap for
handling of media types.
o The lwp-request script should use the callback interface so that it
prints data as it is received.
o The lwp-mirror script should be able to work recursively.
o Include more useful programs
o More documentation
o More tests
o Fix bugs, if there are any...
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