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Changes History of this package
MANIFEST This file
Makefile.PL Makefile generator
README Get you started with this package
README.SSL When you need SSL support
bin/lwp-download Writes bin/lwp-download script
bin/lwp-mirror Writes bin/lwp-mirror script
bin/lwp-request Writes bin/lwp-request script
bin/lwp-rget Writes bin/lwp-rget script
lib/Bundle/ Defines prereq modules
lib/File/ Parse directory listings
lib/HTML/ Parse <form>...</form>
lib/HTTP/ Cookie storage and management
lib/HTTP/Cookies/ Deal with the Netscape cookie file format
lib/HTTP/Cookies/ Deal with the Microsoft MSIE cookie file format
lib/HTTP/ A simple httpd
lib/HTTP/ Date conversion routines
lib/HTTP/ Class encapsulating HTTP Message headers
lib/HTTP/Headers/ Some methods that deal with authorization.
lib/HTTP/Headers/ Some methods that deal with entity tags
lib/HTTP/Headers/ Some utility functions for header values.
lib/HTTP/ Class encapsulating HTTP messages
lib/HTTP/ Evaluate HTTP content negotiation algoritm
lib/HTTP/ Class encapsulating HTTP Requests
lib/HTTP/Request/ Generate common requests
lib/HTTP/ Class encapsulating HTTP Responses
lib/HTTP/ HTTP Status code processing
lib/ Includes what you need
lib/LWP/Authen/ Basic authentication scheme
lib/LWP/Authen/ Digest authentication scheme
lib/LWP/Authen/ NTLM authentication (Microsoft)
lib/LWP/ Connection cache
lib/LWP/ Debugging support
lib/LWP/ Send debug output to a file
lib/LWP/ Library for guessing media types
lib/LWP/ Helps you access %$self
lib/LWP/ Virtual base class for LWP protocols
lib/LWP/Protocol/ Alternative HTTP protocol handler
lib/LWP/Protocol/ Access to data URLs
lib/LWP/Protocol/ Access local files
lib/LWP/Protocol/ Access with the FTP protocol
lib/LWP/Protocol/ Access with the Gopher protocol
lib/LWP/Protocol/ Access with HTTP/1.1 protocol
lib/LWP/Protocol/ Access with HTTP/1.0 protocol
lib/LWP/Protocol/ Access with HTTP/1.1 protocol over SSL
lib/LWP/Protocol/ Access with HTTP/1.0 protocol over SSL
lib/LWP/Protocol/ Allows you to POST mail using sendmail
lib/LWP/Protocol/ Handles access to news: and nntp: URLs
lib/LWP/Protocol/ Denies all requests.
lib/LWP/ Easy creation of conforming robots
lib/LWP/ Procedural LWP interface
lib/LWP/ A WWW UserAgent class
lib/LWP/media.types Mapping from file extentions media types
lib/Net/ Lower level HTTP on an IO::Socket::INET
lib/Net/HTTP/ Lower level HTTP/1.1 protocol
lib/Net/HTTP/ Non-blocking HTTP
lib/Net/ Lower level HTTP on an SSL socket
lib/WWW/ Parse robot.txt files
lib/WWW/RobotRules/ Persistent robot rules
lwpcook.pod Libwww-perl examples
lwptut.pod Libwww-perl tutorial
t/README How to run and set up tests
t/TEST Run tests
t/base/common-req.t Test HTTP::Request::Common module
t/base/cookies.t Test HTTP::Cookies module
t/base/date.t Test HTTP::Date module
t/base/headers-auth.t Test HTTP::Headers::Auth module
t/base/headers-etag.t Test HTTP::Headers::ETag module
t/base/headers-util.t Test HTTP::Headers::Util module
t/base/headers.t Test HTTP::Headers module
t/base/http.t Test Net::HTTP::Methods module
t/base/listing.t Test File::Listing module
t/base/mediatypes.t Test LWP::MediaTypes module
t/base/message.t Test HTTP::Request/HTTP::Response
t/base/negotiate.t Test HTTP::Negotiation module
t/base/protocols.t Test protocol methods of LWP::UserAgent
t/base/response.t Test additional HTTP::Response methods
t/base/status.t Test HTTP::Status module
t/base/ua.t Basic LWP::UserAgent tests
t/html/form.t Test HTML::Form module
t/html/form-param.t More HTML::Form tests.
t/live/apache-listing.t Test File::Listing::apache package
t/local/autoload.t Test autoloading of LWP::Protocol modules
t/local/get.t Try to get a local file
t/local/http.t Test http to local server
t/local/protosub.t Test with other protocol module
t/net/ Suggested configuration for net tests
t/robot/rules-dbm.t Test WWW::RobotRules::AnyDBM_File
t/robot/rules.t Test WWW::RobotRules
t/robot/ua.t Test LWP::RobotUA
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