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    Tcl extension module for Perl5


    The Tcl extension provides a small but complete interface into libtcl
    and any other Tcl-based library. It lets you create Tcl interpreters
    (as perl5 objects), bind in commands to them (either perl subroutines
    or C functions dynamically loaded with the DynaLoader extension) and
    execute Tcl code in those interpreters. There is a Tcl::Tk extension
    (not to be confused with "native" perl5 Perl/Tk extension) distributed
    separately which provides a raw but complete interface to the whole of
    libtk via this Tcl extension.

Build in the usual way for a perl extension:

1. Tweak Makefile.PL is necessary only if your Tcl include files could
not be found automatically by Makefile.PL script. Normally you just make
sure you have right tcl in your path at a moment of running Makefile.PL

2. perl Makefile.PL
   make test
   make install

See License, Authors sections in, or with 'perldoc Tcl' - once it
is installed - to have acknowledged on this type of information, if needed.