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ModMeUp - simple demonstration application for the use of Pearson correlation coefficient for movie ratings and recommendations.

To run the application for the first time, you need to initialize a database for use with the application. To do this simply follow these two simple steps:

1. Create a new empty database:
  user@host:~/ModMeUp$ sqlite3 modmeup.db < tables.sql

2. Optionally load it with the MovieLens100k database:
  user@host:~/ModMeUp$ python ./ modmeup.db

3. Run the application prompt:
  user@host:~/ModMeUp$ python

-- Now if you feel like playing around with the data, we've bundled a handy little unit test tool which allows you to make sure certain core aspects of the system are still "according to spec" after your changes, if in doubt. To run this test tool, you need to make an initially empty test-database:

1. Create a new empty database named test.db:
  user@host:~/ModMeUp$ sqlite3 test.db < tables.sql

2. Run the tool on the new test database:
  user@host:~/ModMeUp$ python

* If you named your test database something else than "test.db", simply add the filename as an argument to, like so:
  user@host:~/ModMeUp$ python mytestdb.db

** If you just want the easy way to test -- run .. It does everything for you, cleans up, initializes db, and runs the tests!
  user@host:~/ModMeUp$ ./

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