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GISPD.com Sample Code

Disclaimer: These resources are intended as samples and learning tools only.

	David A. Howes, David Howes, LLC - dhowes.com & gispd.com
	Jason Pardy, NewfoundGEO Consulting - newfoundgeo.com & gispd.com
Creation date: October 20, 2014

Type: Esri ArcMap 10.2.2 .NET add-in

Development environment:
	Visual Studio 2012 Express
	.NET Framework 3.5
	Esri ArcObjects 10.2.2

ArcMap add-in tool to allow the user to click on the map and obtain a lat/long string representing the clicked location. The string can be used in Google or Bing Maps, for example.

Compile the code and run the project in Debug Mode - this will install the add-in "GISPD-Get Map Point"

1. Show the toolbar "GISPD-Get Map Point"
2. Add at least one data layer to ArcMap
3. Click on the tool "GISPD-Get Map Point"
4. Click on the map - the lat/long string will appear in a message box and be available in the paste buffer

Further resources:
See 2014 Northwest GIS Conference add-in presentation slides available from gispd.com Resources page for help links
(NW GIS 2014-Howes & Pardy-Extending ArcGIS for Desktop - Python and .NET Add-Ins in a Nutshell-20141015.pdf)