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Important notice

Since 01.01.2014 Gistflow was updated and goes private. This code is outdated.

Gistflow - social learning. Build Status Code Climate

Micro-blog platform for developers inspired by Github:Gist and Twitter.


You are always welcome to contribute or create issue. Checkout issues page.


  • git clone
  • bundle
  • cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml
  • configure your database.yml file
  • be sure you have postgres and redis installed and launched
  • rake db:setup
  • download and run ElasticSearch (simply brew install elasticsearch if you're on MacOSx and follow instructions)
Github Authorization on your local machine

You should run app at on the :80 port to speak with GitHub omniauth freely. Pow and Powder will help you much with it.

curl | sh
gem install powder
powder link


Every new feature comes with bunch of rspec and capybara tests. Be sure to write all necessary tests and launch rspec . to check all of them passed.



The source code for Gistflow is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License