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git-cola's release scripts

Creating a new release

From the top of the git-cola repository a release can then be created by running:

Meta/release --all

This branch is intended to be checked out in a seperate repository within a git-cola repository, e.g. at git-cola/Meta (and is the reason that git-cola's .gitignore mentions "Meta". The release script assumes that you have a clone of sibling to the git-cola repository. Your directory structure should look roughly like this:


"$HOME/src" can be any arbitrary directory.

Release checklist

The following steps should be taken when creating a new release.

  • Run ./Meta/set-version vX.Y.Z, or perform the following three steps manually by editing the corresponding file:

    • Update cola/ with the new version number

    • Update pynsist.cfg with the new version number

    • Update doc/relnotes/unreleased.rst to point to the new stable version.

  • Create doc/relnotes/$VERSION.rst from the pre-release notes in doc/relnotes/unreleased.rst.

  • Commit the above changes as git commit -sm'git-cola vX.Y'

  • Tag the repo, git tag -sm'git-cola X.Y'

  • Push the changes to make them available to github for the release.

    git push git-cola master && git push --tags git-cola && git push origin master && git push --tags origin

  • Start a Windows VM session

  • Run Meta/release --all to build the installers and update the sibling repository.

  • Commit changes, git commit -sm'git-cola vX.Y' and push them to github.

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