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Repository Status window - very easy to accidentally trigger "stage" #137

grandinj opened this Issue · 2 comments

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grandinj David Aguilar

I'm using the "Repository status" window a lot, and right-clicking in it to activate do launch editor.

For some reason, it is very easy to accidentally trigger the "Stage" action.

Maybe adding a bit of dead space around the first menu item in the context menu would help?
Not sure.

This is using Git-Cola V1.4.3.5 under Ubuntu Oneiric.


Updated to latest version from git. Still seeing this problem.

David Aguilar

I've done this myself as well. The ctrl-s and ctrl-e hotkeys can help you avoid needing to use the context menu.

I see two options.

Option 1: Move the 'Launch Editor' and 'Launch Difftool' options to the top. That makes it so that when you accidentally click it'll just launch your editor, which is less destructive.

Option 2: I think we can probably insert a spacer in there. The 'Stage' action might be the most often-used action, which is why it deserves a place near the top. That gives weight towards doing option 2. I'm leaning that way.

David Aguilar davvid closed this issue from a commit
David Aguilar davvid widgets.status: Refactor context menus
List the non-destructive options first so that spurious clicks do not
accidentally clobber the index.

I tried using small separator at the top of the menu to minimize
spurious clicks but Qt seems to ignore separators at the beginnnig of

This also refactors the context menu setup by breaking it apart into
separate functions.

Closes #137

Reported-by: @grandinj via
Signed-off-by: David Aguilar <>
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