"Bookmarks" feature needs to be re-designed #289

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Vdragon commented Jun 8, 2014

Original issue: recently used repository are not listed in "Bookmarks" dialog

Currently only user added bookmark entry listed in the "Bookmarks" dialog, recently used repository are not listed

Expected behavior

I personally believe the Bookmarks feature needs a re-design

Don't include recently-used repositories

  • We already have a sub-menu dedicated for this purpose.

Get rid of the "Bookmarks" dialog


  • Not much exclusive function, duplicate "Open" button, meaningless "Save" button, etc.
  • Everything can be integrated to the "Bookmarks" panel(Add/Remove/Edit path...) as qtutils.create_action_button as far as I can see

Rename "Bookmarks" itself

  • "Bookmarks" is not guess-friendly(except to Mozilla Firefox users?)
  • "Favorite repo" or other descriptive names would be better

Proposed qtutils.create_action_button of "Bookmarks" panel

  • Open selected bookmarked repository(already implemented)
  • Add current opened repository to Bookmarks
  • Remove selected repository from Bookmarks
  • Edit repository path(in case of moved to another path, etc.)
  • Move selected repository up in the list
  • Move selected repository down in the list
  • (optional)Add repository from user specified directory recursively


Operating system

Ubuntu 14.04LTS


commit 852ba08

davvid commented Jun 13, 2014

I agree, this can be made simpler just as you described. We can move all of the functionality into a "Favorites" widget and eliminate the need for a separate dialog. 👍

I'll put this on my short list since it seems like it'd be a pretty good change all around.

@davvid davvid added a commit that closed this issue Aug 3, 2014
@davvid davvid bookmarks: get rid of the bookmarks dialog
Move the Add and Delete functionality into the bookmarks widget itself
so that we eliminate the separate dialog.

We still list recent repositories in the list, but it's easy to remove
them now.

Closes #289

Suggested-by: 字龍(Vdragon) <Vdragon.Taiwan@gmail.com>
Signed-off-by: David Aguilar <davvid@gmail.com>
@davvid davvid closed this in 3966c39 Aug 3, 2014
lkraav commented Aug 3, 2014

Yes my people have also expressed many a confusion over the bookmarks split personality. Looking forward to giving them this redesign, thanks!

Vdragon commented Aug 3, 2014

@lkraav Great to see you have the same problem :-)

davvid commented Aug 4, 2014

Yes, Vdragon's suggestion is the way to go -- no more split personality. The bookmarks now handles bookmarks only :-) Thanks for helping me keep it simple.

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