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Fixed #235

merged 1 commit into from Feb 25, 2014
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Just for now


$install_dir does not exist. Instead, changed it to $COLA_PREFIX.

$COMPILE_TOP does not eixst. Instead, changed it to $compile_top.

The command to make git-cola was incorrect as it uses the currently
installed Python. Instead, it should be using the Python that was just
built and installed. Modified the make command to include overriding the
PYTHON value.

After fixing the make command, the extra script that adds environment
variables to run git-cola are no longer needed. Removed the notes about
the script and added notes to simply use git-cola from the install.
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Wesley Wong
Wesley Wong committed Feb 25, 2014
commit 6aa81e399f53a6d7096a5fee55986b58078d7ce3
22 contrib/ 100644 → 100755
@@ -14,16 +14,14 @@
# Set COLA_NUM_JOBS to control the number of cores used to build.
# This script defaults to 2.
# The only real trick was the python compile options for the utf.
# You should run "make prefix=$HOME/apps/git-cola install" in the
# git-cola repo after running this script.
# You should run
# "make prefix=$HOME/apps/git-cola PYTHON=$HOME/apps/git-cola/bin/python install"
# in the git-cola repo after running this script.
# To run git cola, I just created another script that adds the proper paths:
# !/bin/sh
# COLA_PREFIX="$HOME/apps/git-cola"
# $COLA_PREFIX/bin/git-cola
# To run git cola, use it directly through $COLA_PREFIX/bin/git-cola.
# There is also a softlink at $COLA_PREFIX/bin/cola.
# You can add the $COLA_PREFIX/bin to your PATH or softlink git-cola (or cola)
# from a directory that is already in your PATH.
# This is the directory where git-cola will be installed
@@ -47,16 +45,16 @@ tar -zxvf "$COLA_PYTHON".tgz
cd "$compile_top/$COLA_QT"
./configure -prefix $install_dir -confirm-license
./configure -prefix $COLA_PREFIX -confirm-license
make -j "$COLA_NUM_JOBS" && make install
cd "$compile_top/$COLA_PYTHON"
./configure --prefix=$install_dir --enable-unicode=ucs4
./configure --prefix=$COLA_PREFIX --enable-unicode=ucs4
make -j "$COLA_NUM_JOBS" && make install
cd "$compile_top/$COLA_SIP"
"$pybin" ./ &&
make -j "$COLA_NUM_JOBS" && make install
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