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The Big TODO List


Import/export from web services

Synchronize comments with external services.

  • Fetch comments from the service
  • Push comments to the service
  • Push and fetch only as needed, avoiding duplication automatically


Editor plugins

An editor plugin to comment while viewing a diff and view existing comments.

  • Add comments
  • View comments
  • Fold comments
  • View gutter icon indicating a comment exists at a line
  • Update the git-comment user guide


  • Vim
  • Sublime Text
  • Notepad++
  • TextMate
  • Xcode

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Configure running the test suite on various platforms, along with generating binary distributions.

  • Windows
  • Debian
  • RPM
  • OS X
  • OS X via Homebrew


Usage tutorials for creating, sharing, and viewing comments

  • Merge flow
  • Patch flow


Support pre-/post- comment hooks for integrations

Optionally run an executable file before and after creating a comment, to optimize actions such as search indexing and synchronization with external services.

Create and apply comments from patches

$ git comment-patch format master > comments.patch
$ git comment-patch apply comments.patch

Advanced filters for git-comment-log

  • Filter by author
  • Filter by date
  • Filter by file

Automatically index comments for search

  • Index after comment creation
  • Index after fetching comments from a remote
  • Index after applying patch


Support signed comments

Use a format similar to git tag:

-s, --sign
  Make a GPG-signed comment, using the default e-mail address's key.

-u <key-id>, --local-user=<key-id>
  Make a GPG-signed comment, using the given key.

Here be dragons.

Better comment storage

Change comment storage format to avoid reference bloat, perhaps with real trees. The current implementation requires one reference per comment, making git remote show less than useful.

Comment grouping unit

Write a specification for comment grouping as a part of a unified merge request/issue tracking system.

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