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Revision history for git-deploy
6.01 2012-12-19 16:57:00 UTC
- Add a post-start hook phase where we can print out custom
messages or end the start phase (e.g. if rollouts are blocked).
- Pass GIT_DEPLOY_ACTION to hooks so hooks can see what action
started something.
- Removed specific Git::Deploy::Hook::* code.
- Add where to get the source to the POD and be explicit about
what license git-deploy is under.
- Fixed an issue where we'd die when trying to print out an error
on invalid refs.
- Add facility to emit custom error messages on sync hook failure
by setting deploy.message-on-sync-hook-fail-whale in the config.
- Skip tests (instead of failing) on platforms that don't have Git
6.00 2012-09-01 18:46:48 UTC
- Initial CPAN version
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