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Permalink clarify when we mean 'core' git.
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Signed-off-by: Philip Oakley <>
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Philip Oakley committed Dec 22, 2017
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Expand Up @@ -43,14 +43,15 @@ CVS users may also want to read [Documentation/gitcvs-migration.txt][]
(`man gitcvs-migration` or `git help cvs-migration` if git is

The user discussion and development of Git take place on the Git
The user discussion and development of core Git take place on the Git
mailing list -- everyone is welcome to post bug reports, feature
requests, comments and patches to (read
[Documentation/SubmittingPatches][] for instructions on patch submission).
To subscribe to the list, send an email with just "subscribe git" in
the body to The mailing list archives are
available at <>,
<> and other archival sites.
The core git mailing list is plain text (no HTML!).

The maintainer frequently sends the "What's cooking" reports that
list the current status of various development topics to the mailing
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