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Merge pull request #2180 from dscho/t6500-and-msys2-runtime-v3.x
Prepare the gc tests for v3.x of the MSYS2 runtime
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dscho committed May 6, 2019
2 parents 233535e + ba78a47 commit 3a29b232a0fc9dd8fe9e969e79a080567929c8b9
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@@ -162,7 +162,15 @@ test_expect_success 'background auto gc respects lock for all operations' '
# now fake a concurrent gc that holds the lock; we can use our
# shell pid so that it looks valid.
hostname=$(hostname || echo unknown) &&
printf "$$ %s" "$hostname" >.git/ &&
shell_pid=$$ &&
if test_have_prereq MINGW && test -f /proc/$shell_pid/winpid
# In Git for Windows, Bash (actually, the MSYS2 runtime) has a
# different idea of PIDs than git.exe (actually Windows). Use
# the Windows PID in this case.
shell_pid=$(cat /proc/$shell_pid/winpid)
fi &&
printf "%d %s" "$shell_pid" "$hostname" >.git/ &&
# our gc should exit zero without doing anything
run_and_wait_for_auto_gc &&

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