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Every Git for Windows version is tagged using a name that starts with the Git version on which it is based, with the suffix `.windows.<patchlevel>` appended. For example, Git for Windows v2.17.1' source code is tagged as [``]( (the patch level is always at least 1, given that Git for Windows always has patches on top of Git). Likewise, Git for Windows v2.17.1(2)' source code is tagged as [``](

## Release Candidate (rc) versions

As a friendly fork of Git (the "upstream" project), Git for Windows is closely corelated to that project.

Consequently, Git for Windows publishes versions based on Git's release candidates (for upcoming "`.0`" versions, see [Git's release schedule]( These versions end in `-rc<n>`, starting with `-rc0` for a very early preview of what is to come, and as with regular versions, Git for Windows tries to follow Git's releases as quickly as possible.

Note: there is currently a bug in the "Check daily for updates" code, where it mistakes the final version as a downgrade from release candidates. Example: if you installed Git for Windows v2.23.0-rc3 and enabled the auto-updater, it would ask you whether you want to "downgrade" to v2.23.0 when that version was available.

[All releases](, including release candidates, are listed via a link at the footer of the [Git for Windows]( home page.

## Snapshot versions ('nightly builds')

Git for Windows also provides snapshots (these are not releases) of the the current development as per git-for-Windows/git's `master` branch at the [Snapshots]( page. This link is also listed in the footer of the [Git for Windows]( home page.

Note: even if those builds are not exactly "nightly", they are sometimes referred to as "nightly builds" to keep with other projects' nomenclature.

## Following upstream's developments

The [gitforwindows/git repository]( also provides the `shears/*` and `vs/master` branches. The `shears/*` branches reflect Git for Windows' patches, rebased onto the upstream integration branches, [updated (mostly) via automated CI builds](

# Other special branches

Currently, there is only one other special-purpose branch in Git for Windows: the `vs/master` branch. It adds a commit on top of git-for-Windows/git's `master`, providing the project files ready to build Git in Visual Studio using the MSVC tool chain, [also updated via automated builds](

## Reporting a Vulnerability

Please send a mail to when you found a security issue in Git or in Git for Windows, even when you are not 100% certain that it is _actually_ a security issue. Typically, you will receive an answer within a day or even within a few hours.

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