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Merge pull request #1679 from telezhnaya/win
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vcxproj: change build logic
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dscho committed Jun 22, 2018
2 parents 823e119 + 6b74a6e commit bc5d2e1
Showing 1 changed file with 2 additions and 1 deletion.
3 changes: 2 additions & 1 deletion contrib/buildsystems/Generators/
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Expand Up @@ -179,8 +179,9 @@ sub createProject {
if ($target eq 'libgit') {
print F << "EOM";
<PreBuildEvent Condition="!Exists('$cdup\\compat\\vcbuild\\vcpkg')">
<PreBuildEvent Condition="!Exists('$cdup\\compat\\vcbuild\\vcpkg') OR (!Exists('$cdup\\compat\\vcbuild\\vcpkg\\installed\\x64-windows\\include\\openssl\\ssl.h') AND !Exists('$cdup\\compat\\vcbuild\\vcpkg\\installed\\x86-windows\\include\\openssl\\ssl.h'))">
<Message>Initialize VCPKG</Message>
<Command>del "$cdup\\compat\\vcbuild\\vcpkg"</Command>
<Command>call "$cdup\\compat\\vcbuild\\vcpkg_install.bat" </Command>
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