@dscho dscho released this Jun 22, 2018 · 33 commits to master since this release

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Changes since Git for Windows v2.17.1(2) (May 29th 2018)

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Git-2.18.0-64-bit.exe aa81c9f2a81fd07ba0582095474365821880fd787b1cbe03abaf71d9aa69d359
Git-2.18.0-32-bit.exe f4e910eb5182aefada20226a5a0a64b5b528ad1439c28a47c25252ee27f71af0
PortableGit-2.18.0-64-bit.7z.exe cd84a13b6c7aac0e924cb4db2476e2f4379aab4b8e60246992a6c5eebeac360c
PortableGit-2.18.0-32-bit.7z.exe 28e68a781a78009913fef3d6c1074a6c91b05e4010bfd9efaff7b8398c87e017
MinGit-2.18.0-64-bit.zip 1dfd05de1320d57f448ed08a07c0b9de2de8976c83840f553440689b5db6a1cf
MinGit-2.18.0-32-bit.zip c2f59c121d0f5aac31c959e5ba2878542b6cbca6604778566061d45585e70895
MinGit-2.18.0-busybox-64-bit.zip 1a34608fbb82f607924d21ac2737c189a250fd9c6f4255a939e55c7fc3b10a0d
MinGit-2.18.0-busybox-32-bit.zip 6a667b03bacbcd2627e4e9a29a222c1ccb01c340bc721352afd6427f3621945c
Git-2.18.0-64-bit.tar.bz2 120b7501b5563212f1ecbcd8fadac257e510067e0297ff844bc3b18d90eefb96
Git-2.18.0-32-bit.tar.bz2 3eab2705622b7fc5b49e4195e30fa92162ad4924072d01ca52abf0d7134d356c
pdbs-for-git-64-bit- 20fa4809b19a346e70d76066e98b76ca42f8364fb2997f3922abdb14d6321c56
pdbs-for-git-32-bit- b410397e237277e2ae1c22207190d11ee2f137e986baa15dfdb8dd92f0285120
Jun 21, 2018
Git 2.18

@dscho dscho released this Jun 21, 2018 · 8409 commits to master since this release

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This is a MinGit-only release; compared to v2.14.4, it only adds code
to force-ignore http.sslCAinfo when the ssl backend is set to `schannel`
(so that the Windows Certificate Store is not ignored). This is really
only relevant when running with cURL v7.60.0 (or later).
Jun 13, 2018
Git 2.18-rc2

@dscho dscho released this Jun 12, 2018 · 865 commits to master since this release

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First "Release Candidate" of v2.18.0, take 3

The first attempt failed to bundle PCRE2, even if it is now a dependency
(superseding PCRE, which is no longer needed). The second attempt still
failed to bundle *some* PCRE2 .dll files. Unfortunately the ones that
are necessary even to run git.exe.
Jun 4, 2018
Git 2.18-rc1
May 30, 2018
Git 2.18-rc0