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GitHub Asset Management System

Large file asset management system for GitHub.


git-media setup
- setup the git-media files

git-media clean
- SHA file, see if it has changed, save to file if so, output SHA and instructions

git-media smudge
- copy file from media center if SHA exists, (otherwise error / queue up download?)

git-media track *.jpg
- add file path or glob to .gitassets (and .gitattributes) and initial 'git add'
git-media sync
- initialize with defaults if it doesn't exist
- finds untracked large files or large files in the index
- adds entry to .gitassets
- adds filter to .gitattributes
- remove from the db after (?)
- scans for changed assets and sends/checks for lock on server
- downloads assets you don't have yet, but need for your current checkout
- re-smudge file if it was smudged without content
- uploads assets you haven't uploaded yet but have committed
git-media status
- lists all asset files in HEAD and upload/download/lock status
- estimated file transfer size for next 'sync' command
- only list files with interesting statuses unless --full specified
git-media view [file]
- shows version history and comments for a file
pre-commit hook that checks for large files, exits non-0 if any are too large
warn if something is committed/pushed and not uploaded
- or post-commit to run `git-media sync` (auto-sync setting)
- project id
- large file size min limit
- file type filter
- list of assets and SHAs
git-media convert
- take an existing git repo and filter-branch the large files out
- accept/send file contents
- project id, path
- full or binary diff (with base SHA)
- show list of assets in a project
- asset:
- version history
- visual diff if possible (cc render team)
- locks
- download
- revert in project (?)
- or create a new branch with this version
- share (?)
- send to campfire
- email to someone
- keep / check for locks

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