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Erwyn Fix parameter name on List Locks API Documentation
On locks listing, the git-lfs client is not querying the `ref` parameter but the `refspec` one. Fix the documentation accordingly.

For reference:
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The Git LFS client uses an HTTPS server to coordinate fetching and storing large binary objects separately from a Git server. The basic process the client goes through looks like this:

  1. Discover the LFS Server to use.
  2. Apply Authentication.
  3. Make the request. See the Batch and File Locking API sections.

Batch API

The Batch API is used to request the ability to transfer LFS objects with the LFS server.

API Specification:

Current transfer adapters include:

Experimental transfer adapters include:

File Locking API

The File Locking API is used to create, list, and delete locks, as well as verify that locks are respected in Git pushes.

API Specification: