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Attention: This repository / app is no longer supported. There will be no further development.

Breadcrumb Example

Jekyll Version


Smart and fast breadcrumbs for posts, pages and collections with SEO support and more. Works as Jekyll Hook with Jekyll 3.x.


  • Works with posts, pages and collections.
  • Breadcrumb title can differ from page title.
  • HTML5 compliant and includes a HTML template for quick integration.
  • SEO improved, implements Googles RDFA format.
  • Works with Pretty Permalinks.
  • Option to hides breadcrumbs on root page.
  • Supports an icon as root level breadcrumb item.
  • Works as Jekyll Hook, does not require an additional Ruby GEM.


  • Jekyll 3.x


  1. Download the latest release and unpack the file.

  2. Copy the content of our folder _plugins into the same folder of your Jekyll repository. And copy at least the files nav-breadcrumbs.html, icon.html, icon.svg into your _includes folder.

  3. Include nav-breadcrumb.html, nav-breadcrumbs-icon.html into your Jekyll code where ever you want to place the breadcrumbs, e.g. within your footer.html by insert this code:

{% include nav-breadcrumbs.html %}
  1. Setup Jekyll _config.yml. Copy this YAML code to you _config.yml
    hide: false  # show breadcrumbs on root/home page
    image: false # Show image or title text
  1. If you want to use a icon instead of text as Home breadcrumb put your code into _include/nav-breadcrumbs.icon.svg (in case of svg file).


  1. Transfer the example CSS code from nav-breadcrumbs.html into your css file. Modify the css as your like.
  2. If you want an icon as root sign in the breadcrumbs modify the file icon.svg.
  3. Use YAML title or crumbtitle to define the title of breadcrumb items.
title: Legal and Terms

or if you want a other text within the breadcrumb as the page title you can achieve this by adding the tag crumbtitle: in your YAML section of the page.

title: Legal and Terms
crumbtitle: Legal

YAML crumbtitle: is optional and overrules YAML title, in case you want a different title in breadcrumb item as the page title.


If you are interessted how breadcrumbs look like, their is an example site included within folder site.

For Developers

You can use breadcrumbs in your own html code.
A breadcrumb is an array of crumb items within the actual page. Each crumb item represents a page/link and has two properties: url and title.
To get crumb items use liquid in your code:

{% for crumb in breadcrumbs %}
  <a href="{{ crumb.url }}">{{ crumb.title }}</a>
{% endfor %}


Build site with docker

docker run --rm --volume="$PWD:/srv/jekyll" --volume="$PWD/vendor/bundle:/usr/local/bundle" -it -p 4000:4000 -p 35729:35729 jekyll/jekyll:3.7.3 jekyll serve --livereload

More information at Docker at Github


See the LICENSE file.


Creates breadcrumbs for Jekyll 3.x, includes features like SEO optimization, optional breadcrumb item and more





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