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This function squashes differences between the last TFS commit and HEAD into one TFS-checkin and mark it as descendant of both previous TFS-checkin and HEAD.

It works similarly to checkintool, except checkintool launches the standard TFS checkin window.

The checkin command differs from rcheckin in that the latter mirrors a series of commits into TFS instead of squashing them into one.


Usage: git-tfs checkin [options] [ref-to-checkin]
where options are:
    -d, --debug
        Show debug output about everything git-tfs does

    -i, --tfs-remote, --remote, --id=VALUE
        The remote ID of the TFS to interact with

    -m, --comment=VALUE
        A comment for the changeset

        Do not concatenate commit comments for the changeset comment.

        Omits setting commit being checked in as parent, thus allowing to rebase remaining onto TFS changeset without exceeding merge commits.

    -f, --force=VALUE
        The policy override reason.

    -w, --work-item=VALUE1:VALUE2
        Associated work items:
            e.g. -w12345 to associate with 12345
            or -w12345:resolve to resolve 12345

        Disables gated checkin.
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