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This function launches the standard TFS checkin window to commit your changes into TFS. It squashes differences between the last TFS commit and HEAD into one TFS-checkin and marks it as descendant of both previous TFS-checkin and HEAD.

It works similarly to checkin, except checkin doesn't launch the standard TFS checkin window.


Usage: git-tfs checkintool [options] [ref-to-checkin]
  -h, -H, --help
  -V, --version
  -d, --debug                Show debug output about everything git-tfs does
  -i, --tfs-remote, --remote, --id=VALUE
                             The remote ID of the TFS to interact with
                               default: default
  -m, --comment=VALUE        A comment for the changeset
                             Do not concatenate commit comments for the
                               changeset comment.
      --no-merge             Omits setting commit being checked in as parent,
                               thus allowing to rebase remaining onto TFS
                               changeset without exceeding merge commits.
  -f, --force=VALUE          The policy override reason.
  -w, --work-item=VALUE1:VALUE2
                             Associated work items
                               e.g. -w12345 to associate with 12345
                               or -w12345:resolve to resolve 12345
  -c, --code-reviewer=VALUE  Set code reviewer
                               e.g. -c "John Smith"
  -s, --security-reviewer=VALUE
                             Set security reviewer
                               e.g. -s "John Smith"
  -p, --performance-reviewer=VALUE
                             Set performance reviewer
                               e.g. -p "John Smith"
      --no-gate              Disables gated checkin.

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