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Unshelves a TFS shelveset into a new Git branch.

Usage: git-tfs unshelve [options] shelve-name destination-branch
  -h, -H, --help
  -V, --version
  -d, --debug                Show debug output about everything git-tfs does
  -i, --tfs-remote, --remote, --id=VALUE
                             The remote ID of the TFS to interact with
                               default: default
  -A, --authors=VALUE        Path to an Authors file to map TFS users to Git
                               users (will be kept in cache and used for all
                               the following commands)
  -u, --user=VALUE           Shelveset owner (default: current user)
                               Use 'all' to search all shelvesets.
  -b, --branch=VALUE         Git Branch to apply Shelveset to? (default: TFS
                               current remote)
      --force                Get as much of the Shelveset as possible, and
                               log any other errors


Note: These commands will fail if the branch specified by git-branch-name already exists locally.

Create a branch from a shelveset under the current TFS user

git tfs unshelve MyShelvesetName MyBranch

Create a branch from a shelveset under the defined TFS user

git tfs unshelve -u UserName MyShelvesetName MyBranch

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