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## Pull Requests
-* In general, pull requests with unit tests get merged quicker than those without.
+Here are some tips on creating a pull request:
+1. Write awesome code. :sparkles:
+2. Make sure the existing unit tests don't break. We try to keep the unit tests
+[easy to run](
+3. We like new unit tests. If you can unit test your code, do so.
+One of the pain points of the current git-tfs codebase is that parts of it are very difficult to unit test.
+It's slowly getting less painful to unit test. One thing to try is to write an integration test
+that runs git-tfs with the VsFake driver, similar to how the clone tests are written.
+4. If you modify code in any of the client adapters (GitTfs.Vs*), please try it out with as many versions of the TFS client libraries as you can.
+When you submit the pull request, include a note about which versions you have tried to compile with, and which ones you have tested with.

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