@pmiossec pmiossec released this May 29, 2018

  • Pick up labels that don't have the branch folder specifically listed (#1125)
  • ignore-not-init-branches value is not longer case sensitive (#1189 by @Laibalion)
  • ignore-not-init-branches now configurable via commandline flag
  • ignore-branches-regex to configure a filter regex to exclude branches during cloning or fetching with branches
  • ignore changesets that the TFS user has no read access to with the --ignore-restricted-changesets option
  • fixed bug in detecting of external repositories from the default repository (#1194 by @Laibalion)
  • Fix critical bug in merge parent changeset lookup (#1195 by @Laibalion)
  • handle "TF14098: Access Denied" exceptions (#1176 by @larsxschneider )

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