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@pmiossec pmiossec released this May 30, 2020

  • Remove support for building an MSI package. It was broken since 6732259 ("Moving source in the 'src' folder", 2017-10-13)
    and the official distribution channel for binaries is a ZIP file or a chocolatey package.
  • Added a new command to create a mapping file of changet ids and commit ids.
  • Remove support for VS2012 & VS2013 (#1277)
  • Update libgit2sharp to 0.26 (#1279)
  • Fix the Verify command (#1297)
  • Improve way to pass credentials in the CLI (#1299)
  • Creates a mapping file of ChangesetId-Commit values (#1309)
  • Fixed authors file not being found for the copy to .git/git-tfs_authors due to git-tfs changing the current directory before initiating the copy. (#1310)
  • Fix NRE instead of suppressing and prevent invalid instances of GitCommit (#1311)

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