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3.1 Launch:
* add MIT/CC license link to footer
* asciidoc parsing
* convert URLs to links
* nested dlists (eg. diff.mnemonicprefix in diff-config.txt)
* dlist dd with nested ulist with continuations (eg. git-blame -L)
* "admonition block" (eg. NOTE at the end of git-blame)
* Misc
- change win download repo to msys when they start uploading
- reindex command - drops index and re-does everything
* Videos
- add transcription to search
- add to related items
* release notes box
- needs local cached version of release notes
* Book
- incremental updates (get hashes of all pages, only update changed ones)
* errata / commenting?
* Sidebar related content
- ajaxify(?)
- stackoverflow articles
- gitref sections
* Version Dropdown
* all versions page
* remember version
* dismiss dropdown when clicking elsewhere
* Documentation
- gitref content
- try git!
* Search
* weighting
- weigh porcelain over plumbing
- weigh by total views
* follow link on mouse click
* add book content to search
* add video shownotes to search
* add stackoverflow to search
* only search your locale plus english
* search internal pages, too (blog, etc)
* db-ify GUIs?
* Fullscreen Manpage (or, hide sidebar)
* Developers? (under Community)
- mailing list (browse/search/api)
- IRC (browser-based client)
- how to contribute
- technical docs
- jgit and co
- libgit2 and wrappers
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