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Make the distinction between source and platform releases clearer

The current wording seems to make the difference too subtle for a casual
reader; try to clear this up by:

- naming the latest release "source" instead of "stable" release, to
  make clearer what it is that we're showing the version for.

- reword the button to "Downloads" for a platform, which makes it a noun
  for the available downloads, rather than a verb which can too easily
  be taken to mean "download this version"

This should reduce the incidence of people complaining that the version
in the front is erroneous.
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commit 221dbbcd9458d2875d722f586fec26601beccadd 1 parent 40ffcce
@carlosmn carlosmn authored
6 app/assets/javascripts/site.js
@@ -32,14 +32,14 @@ var DownloadBox = {
var os = window.session.browser.os; // Mac, Win, Linux
if(os == "Mac") {
- $("#download-link").text("Download for Mac").attr("href", "/download/mac");
+ $("#download-link").text("Downloads for Mac").attr("href", "/download/mac");
$("#gui-link").text("Mac GUIs").attr("href", "/download/gui/mac");
$("#gui-os-filter").attr('data-os', 'mac');
$("#gui-os-filter").text("Only show GUIs for my OS (Mac)")
} else if (os == "Windows") {
- $("#download-link").text("Download for Windows").attr("href", "/download/win");
+ $("#download-link").text("Downloads for Windows").attr("href", "/download/win");
$("#gui-link").text("Windows GUIs").attr("href", "/download/gui/win");
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ var DownloadBox = {
$("#gui-os-filter").text("Only show GUIs for my OS (Windows)")
} else if (os == "Linux") {
- $("#download-link").text("Download for Linux").attr("href", "/download/linux");
+ $("#download-link").text("Downloads for Linux").attr("href", "/download/linux");
$("#gui-link").text("Linux GUIs").attr("href", "/download/gui/linux");
2  app/views/shared/_monitor.html.haml
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
- %h4 Latest stable release
+ %h4 Latest source release
%span.version= latest_version
=link_to "Release Notes", latest_relnote_url
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