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new wiki #11

schacon opened this Issue · 3 comments

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the previous wiki was OK and a lot of people used it, but it's now dead due to biting the bullet.

implement a new wiki interface and way to contribute super easily.

import the old wiki, too.

@schacon schacon was assigned
jrn commented

gitwiki at is back.


Wow, it actually is. It's been something like 6 months. I'm still planning on doing this if I can - importing all the content into a git-backed wiki and having a simple editing interface.

The main issues are still that even I don't want to go through the registration process to edit something and I would prefer not relying on a host that is fine with this service being offline for half a year. It caused me a huge amount of work to update links on the old site and my books and I will not do that again just to see it go down again.


Yeah, a wiki would be nice. I prefer MediaWiki, but really, anything would be fine.

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