git-gui is not available on git version 2.5.4 (Apple Git-61) #678

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Git comes with built-in GUI tools for committing (git-gui) and browsing (gitk), but there are several third-party tools for users looking for platform-specific experience.

which is unfortunately not true for my git version. Should we fix that?


what is your git version @clemens-tolboom ?

which OS are you running?

how did you install git?


The title says git version 2.5.4 (Apple Git-61) ;-)

clemens-tolboom commented Feb 17, 2017 edited

Now I have git version 2.10.1 (Apple Git-78)

zsh: command not found: git-gui

peff commented Feb 17, 2017

Hmph. I don't want to mislead users with our text. At the same time, git-gui does ship with the git source code. But you are using a binary packaging of git made by a third party (Apple) who chooses not to include the command.

I have no idea if there is a way to get git gui from Apple at all, or if the right answer is "install from source or from homebrew". But unlike the other GUI options, it is not really distributed separately as a third-party program.


@peff thanks for the information.

Installing through brew install git and starting a new terminal gives git gui

Guess we can close this apart maybe a mention regarding Apples build in version?

peff commented Feb 20, 2017

I started to add a comment to the page to that effect, but I think it snowballs quickly. Because binary packagers might not include the tools at all (which AFAIK is the case for Apple), or they might be in a separate package (e.g., apt-get install git-gui on Debian). Everything I wrote seemed to raise more questions than it answered.

I'm going to close this for now as not-a-bug, but if somebody wants to open a PR improving the instructions around alternate packages, feel free.

@peff peff closed this Feb 20, 2017
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