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#ifndef FAST_EXPORT_H_
#define FAST_EXPORT_H_

struct strbuf;
struct line_buffer;

void fast_export_init(int fd);
void fast_export_deinit(void);

void fast_export_delete(const char *path);
void fast_export_modify(const char *path, uint32_t mode, const char *dataref);
void fast_export_begin_commit(uint32_t revision, const char *author,
const struct strbuf *log, const char *uuid,
const char *url, unsigned long timestamp);
void fast_export_end_commit(uint32_t revision);
void fast_export_data(uint32_t mode, off_t len, struct line_buffer *input);
void fast_export_blob_delta(uint32_t mode,
uint32_t old_mode, const char *old_data,
off_t len, struct line_buffer *input);

/* If there is no such file at that rev, returns -1, errno == ENOENT. */
int fast_export_ls_rev(uint32_t rev, const char *path,
uint32_t *mode_out, struct strbuf *dataref_out);
int fast_export_ls(const char *path,
uint32_t *mode_out, struct strbuf *dataref_out);

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