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test_description='checkout $tree -- $paths'
. ./
test_expect_success setup '
mkdir dir &&
>dir/master &&
echo common >dir/common &&
git add dir/master dir/common &&
test_tick && git commit -m "master has dir/master" &&
git checkout -b next &&
git mv dir/master dir/next0 &&
echo next >dir/next1 &&
git add dir &&
test_tick && git commit -m "next has dir/next but not dir/master"
test_expect_success 'checking out paths out of a tree does not clobber unrelated paths' '
git checkout next &&
git reset --hard &&
rm dir/next0 &&
cat dir/common >expect.common &&
echo modified >expect.next1 &&
cat expect.next1 >dir/next1 &&
echo untracked >expect.next2 &&
cat expect.next2 >dir/next2 &&
git checkout master dir &&
test_cmp expect.common dir/common &&
test_path_is_file dir/master &&
git diff --exit-code master dir/master &&
test_path_is_missing dir/next0 &&
test_cmp expect.next1 dir/next1 &&
test_path_is_file dir/next2 &&
test_must_fail git ls-files --error-unmatch dir/next2 &&
test_cmp expect.next2 dir/next2
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